Profile of Tetsuaki Makita


1935      Born in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan
Graduated Aichi Univ.
After servicing at Trading Company (Osaka, Tokyo) and Design Company (Toyohashi), became an independent Automobile Artist

1975      Exhibition gTwo Artist Exhibition of Automobile and Airplaneh (Gallery Form at Toyohashi)

1975      Member of Japan Automobile Artists Association (JAAA, to 2010)

1980      Exhibit size of 100 Oil Painted Artworks at Modern Japan Art Society Exhibition annually (to 1985)

1983      Mitsubishi Ralliart Calendar

1986      Poster of gHistric Car Festival at Seto Oh-Hashih (Kurashiki)

1987      Exhibition gAutomobile Art Exhibitionh (Vibre 21, Okayama)

1988      Exhibition gKurashiki Auto Art Exhibitionh, (Kurashiki City Museum), exhibition and producing

1989      Exhibition gAutomobile Art & World Automobile Postal Stampsh (Tenkei-en, Niigata)

1989      Exhibition gMitsubishi Auto Galleryh (13 countries in Europe and U.S.A., to 1990)

1992      Exhibition gScenes of Mille-Migliah (M2 Gallery at Setagaya, Tokyo)

1993      Mater Artist for Event Posters at gMonterey Historic Automobile Racesh (California, U.S.A., to 2009)

1995      Exhibition gAlfa Romeo, Arts & Modelsh (Classic Car Museum, Kurashiki)

1997      Exhibition gMille Miglia, Arts & Modelsh (Kuretopia Harajyuku, Tokyo)

1999      Exhibit gMille Miglia Winner Seriesh (Kawakami Sumio Museum, Tochigi)

2000      Exhibition gAlfa Romeo, Arts & Modelsh (Auto Galleria Marie, Tokyo)

2001      Exhibition gAlfa Romeo, Wood-Block Printsh (Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama)

2002      Exhibit gAlfa Romeo, Arts & Modelsh (Italia Fair at Tokyu Department Store, Yokohama)

2003      Memorial wood block prints for gCafé du Giuliah (Chichibu, Saitama, to 2008)

2003      Exhibition gAlfa Romeo, Arts & Modelsh (Chichibu, Saitama, to 2007)

2004      Exhibition gExhibition of Automobile Wood Block Printsh (Laguna Seca, U.S.A.)

2004      Exhibition gExhibition of Wood Block Prints at Mille miglia and Targa Florioh (Kamifukuoka Gallery Edel, Saitama)

2006      Exhibition gWood Block Prints of Automobileh (Gallery Deai, Hamamatsu)

2006      Exhibition gExhibition of Automobile Artsh (Noritake Garden, Nagoya, to 2010)

2007      Exhibition gWood Block Prints of Automobileh (Gallery Café Sunza Francais, Hamamatsu)

2007      Exhibition gArtworks Created By Artistsh (Concept, Hamamatsu, to 2010)

2010      Exhibition g100th Anniversary of Alfa Romeoh (Auto Gallery Luce, Nagoya)

2011      Exhibition gWood Block Prints of Automobileh (Café Gallery Naja, Toyokawa)


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