My latest diorama photos.  Please enjoy.


嘉例川駅のお正月   ディテール編です

喜連川駅 新年 


A lady stepped out from the station.  Maybe she is making a new year’s greeting visit.  Decoration of pine tree at the gate, flag of Japan is waving.

トヨダAA しめ飾り


New year decoration even on the front grill of the taxi.

正月 着物


Wearing plum blossom design Japanese Kimono.


A Lday in Kimono  A Lady in Kimono 2  A Lady in Kimono

Fashion show.




Inside the office, there are old fashioned telephone, locker with a bloom and a bucket, and desks.



At the counter table, there are pencils and and abacus.  Please be noticed the slogans on the wall.



“Each person must abide by the correct procedure.”


嘉例川 硬券収納棚


Storage of card board tickets.  Ticket dispensers are now common, we do not see such one, these days.


嘉例川 時刻表と運賃表

Time table and freight table.


嘉例川 ラジオ局のポスター

A Poster of Radio Station.


嘉例川 1950年代のポスター

Posters of Beer, claiming 10 years after the WWII (left), and a poster soliciting contribution of clothes for the nations, coming back from abroad, after the defeat of the WWII.


嘉例川 1950年代のポスター

There also posted a poster of perfume.  It’s became ordinary time.


嘉例川 新年のポスターと白雪姫の宣伝 

A movie poster of “Snow White” is posted.


New year greeting poster on the other side.







Supposed to be a scene of Kareigawa station at new year, at early 1950’s.  Just after Japan's defeat of WWII.






Toyoda Model AA, maybe a Taxi.  Toyoda Model AA was produced by Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. Through 1936 to 1942, as the first production passenger car.  Initial salary was around JPY75- at that time, Toyoda AA costed JPY3,350-, it must be an unobtainable star.  At that time, Toyota as pronounced as TOYODA, and lately it became TOYOTA, as present.

The producted cars were mostly used by taxi industry, and military fields.  There are a photo that Toyoda AA was used as taxi after WWII, however, in 1980’s, Toyota looked for one in order to restore and exhibit at TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, but they could not find any.  So they made one from scratch, and the re-produced one is now exhibit at the museum.

Its design (including mechanical) owe a lot from that of U.S.  Body design resemble a lot to that of Chrysler/De Soto “Air Flow” styling.  Most of machining tools must have been imported from U.S., thus it was designed under yard pound units, although Japan has adopted the metric system from 1891, in Meiji Era.




Sweet potato wagon.



From the back side.


嘉例川駅 駅員と乗客

Railway marshal and passengers waiting for a train.







Details of Marché in Paris.

Citroen H Van  Citroen H van

Details of Citroen H Van Kitchen car. 

Citroen H van was produced between 1947 to 1981, as a simple FWD commercial vehicle.  Very characteristic corrugated panel was used to reduce weight and keep rigidity; however, it looks pretty designed.




Citroen H Van  Citroen H Van

“Croissant sandwich”.  At the backyard, there are fire extinguisher, gas tank, stock of beverages, cooler box, and electric generator.




Citroen H Van  Citroen H Van

Gas cooker, electric oven, coffee machine.


Citroen H Van

Magazines and newspapers on the counter.  Menu, bottle case, and trash box.




Wine House at Paris  Wine House at Paris

Wine House at Paris    Wine House at Paris

Wine house.  Magnum bottles are displayed on the wall.  Regular wines are on the rack.  Entrance for the shop behind. 



Garson at Paris



Renault 4 Fourgonnette  Renault 4 Fourgonnette

Renault 4 Fourgonnette.  Renault 4 was designed to be the rival of Citroen 2CV.  It was produced between 1961 till 1994.  Renault 4 was the first FWD car for Renault.  Renault 4 Fourgonnette was the ancestor of Renault Kangoo, which is the bestselling Renault model in Japan.



Breads, tongs and trays

Breads, tongs and trays.






Marché in Paris.


 Marsche in Paris

Citroen H Van Kitchen Car

Citroen H Van Kitchen car. 



 Blond girl    Awkward couple

Gorgeous blond girl, and awkward couple.



Fruit and Vegitable shop

Fruit and vegitable shop.



An American in Paris

“An American in Paris”

When in Paris, do as Parisians do.







Free Drink for bread

“Free drink service for buyers”



Freshly baked breads

Freshly baked breads.




Enzo Ferrari and His Men: Vittorio Jano

Enzo Ferrari Vittorio Jano

Enzo Ferrari and Vittorio Jano are standing with Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS and Dino 246 gt.

エンツォ・フェラーリとヴィットリオ・ヤーノがアルファ・ロメオ 6C 1750 GSとディーノ246gtとともにポーズしています。


Alfa Romeo 6C1750 GS 

Vittorio Jano was a chief designer of Alfa Romeo from 1923 to 1937.  At the period, he designed Alfa Romeo P2, P3, 8C 2300 series, 6C 1750 series, etc.

He left Alfa Romeo and moved to Lancia in 1937.  At the time, Enzo was a racing driver/team manager, and later team owner of Alfa Romeo racing team.

ヴィットリオ・ヤーノは1923年から1937年までアルファ・ロメオ社のチーフ・デザイナーとしてアルファ・ロメオP2P38C 2300シリーズ、6C 1750シリーズなど数多くの車をデザインしました。1937年にランチアに移籍しました。当時エンツォ・フェラーリはアルファ・ロメオ社のレーシングチームのドライバー兼チーム・マネジャー、後にはチーム・オーナーでした。

 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

Alfa Romeo 6C1750 GS

 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

Dino 246 gt

Vittorio Jano designed Lancia D50 and entered 1954 Formula 1 series.  However, due to financial trouble of Lancia forced the company to quit racing and all the relevant assets of Scuderia Lancia were given to Scuderia Ferrari.  As a result, Jano also moved to Ferrari.



Dino 246 gt

Largest contribution of Vittoria Jano to Ferrari must be the design of Dino series of V6 and V8 engines.  It was said that the idea of V6 engine came from Enzo's son Alfredo ("Dino") Ferrari.


Dino 246 gt

Alfredo Ferrari died for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 1956 at the age of 24.  Vittorio Jano died in 1965, so he may have little to do with the development of Dino 206/246 road car series.  However, it equips Dino series V6 engine on midship.  Body was designed by Pininfarina. 


Dino 246 gt 


 Dino 246 gt

Sergio Pininfarina ia another key person for Dino series.  He proposed Dino Berlinetta Speciale at 1965 (designed by Aldo Brovarone), as a concept car for mid-engine layout road going sports car.  This production design was cone by Leonardo Fioravanti, but apparently based on the idea of Dino Berlinetta Speciale.


Dino 246 gt Front view 



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Happy New Year 


Happy New Year


Micro Depot


Pine Tree Gate, a traditional Japanese new year’s ornament.


Maserati Rice Cake Ornament


Round Rice cake, and an orange on the top, also a traditional Japanese new year’s ornament.

Maserati Biturbo and Spyder

Maserati Biturbo and Spyder

Maserati Biturbo and Spyder 




Maserati Biturbo

Maserati Biturbo Spyder



Maserati Shamal and Quattroporte

Maserati Shamal and Quattroporte

Maserati Shamal and Quattroporte

Maserati Shamal and Quattroporte





Maserati Quattroporte



Maserati Shamal





Please be noted that the photographs posted are created based on my imagination.  They are not accurate scale models based on tangible evidence.